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I joined dA back in May of 2007, after periodically checking out a friend's page. While he's since let his page subside into quietness, I'm still poking around here periodically. (This would be neither the first nor last time a friend has gotten me started on something that I've stayed with longer than the friend.) Initially I wasn't too sure what the site or community was like, so I kind of tested it out with the flotsam and jetsam of previous artistic creations -- some of which were more than ten years old at the time I uploaded them. This is why the back pages of my gallery include things in media I don't work in any more, such as the pencil drawings; I can't even attempt to draw by hand any more. (Nothing serious, just a minor issue with my grip that has always been a problem. When I was younger, I could ignore it, but it became far too uncomfortable by the time I graduated high school.)

Kit Fox by MorganRLewis Open Mike Night by MorganRLewis Phantom Karate Devils by MorganRLewis

When I started on dA, my interests had shifted into 3D artwork. Initially I was only interested in my model creations. I didn't have any disdain for Poser or DAZ users, but I had the idea in my head that I could and should create all the items in my images. It didn't take long to realize the insanity of this position. It could conceivably take months to create a human figure, and that's assuming I was any good at it (which, given that I'm better at modeling inorganic objects, is not a sound assumption.) Then I realized it was inconsistent to act as though I should create all the models I used just because I theoretically "could", while using software that I had no hand in creating. After all, I'm a programmer; I theoretically "could" have created my own 3D suite. (And, given that at various points I've programmed several different aspects of a 3D suite, the theory that I could do so has a lot more basis than the notion that I could model every object I'd ever need.) But one of the major lessons programmers learn is when not to reinvent the wheel. If something's inadequate, sure, you replace it. But if it works fine, don't waste your time creating a new one just for the sake of creating a new one. So if that applied to the software I used... logically it would also apply to the models. The image, after all, is the "art", in so far as that term has any real meaning. The third image above was the first time I used a DAZ model in my images; even then I was still rendering in trueSpace and using the DAZ creations only where necessary.

Party at the Hideout by MorganRLewis Three Witches by MorganRLewis A Hint of Rains by MorganRLewis Tiki Crash by MorganRLewis

Eventually I shifted over to working primarily in DS. Some of my early works were rough, such as the first item above, but that's only to be expected. Still, I think I got the basic hang of it reasonably early on. The witch image was half a year later, and took second place in a then-monthly contest at dazclub. The groups here are one of the best aspects of the site; finding a group that shares a common interest is a great way to get feedback on your work, as well as to find new friends. There are occasions where I lament the absence of an active group with a particular theme. I've included a few more images above to show my progress over the years. It may be a while before I top the Invisible Man image though. Still really proud of that one.

Joyride by MorganRLewis Green Lantern Corps Rings for Daz Studio 4.6 by MorganRLewis Glass Shader Presets for Daz Studio by MorganRLewis Vector to OBJ Script for PSP by MorganRLewis

Of course, I still do some creation of my own models as well. Sometimes, as with the hoverboard, it's because there's something I want that isn't available elsewhere. Other times, it's just for the sake of the challenge, or the fun of it. Often times I'll create something and share it without having any immediate use for it myself; I'll create a Green Lantern image eventually, more than a few I'm sure, but I haven't yet.

Since I'm a programmer, some of the things I create are more utilitarian than artistic. I'm glad dA includes categories for resources, since having that available is handy for digital artists, and it's nice to have a place for these creations. They may not be pictures, but they're still something I'm proud of creating. The glass shader presets above are one of my most popular deviations, and the Vector-to-OBJ script is one of my personal favorites out of my programming creations. Besides finding it personally useful, there's just something fun about making a program do something it was never intended to be able to do.

Soaring For Justice by MorganRLewis Forgotten Guardian by MorganRLewis Shooting Star by MorganRLewis Monument by MorganRLewis

Superheroes and comic books are something I've always been interested in -- though my actual comic reading period was only a few years in college. But I grew up watching the cartoons on television, and have watched most of the movies, and when I was actively reading comics I had a pretty substantial pull list and a large breadth of knowledge on some of the more obscure characters. Creating fan-art has its own special challenges, as one has to be true to the familiar depiction of the characters and simultaneously put one's own stamp on it. It also has a tendency to make me push my limits more, whether it's coming up with new ideas on what to do with the characters, finding ways to accurately represent their looks, or figuring out how to create "special effects" (fire remains a pain in the neck.) The superherorenders group has been a big part of my dA experience, both as a place to share my work and as a place to see what others have done. I've become a moderator for the group, and it's always interesting to see all the variety in a medium and genre that outsiders often wrongly assume must be limited.

Batman Oval Batsymbol WP by MorganRLewis Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Logo WP by MorganRLewis Firestorm Neon Symbol WP by MorganRLewis
Kingdom Come Green Lantern Symbol WP by MorganRLewis Hulk Glowing Text Logo WP by MorganRLewis Bizarro KC BL Cyborg Superman Symbol WP by MorganRLewis
Batman Forever Symbol WP by MorganRLewis SilverHawks 3D Symbol WP by MorganRLewis Magic: The Gathering Five Mana Symbols Neon WP by MorganRLewis

Speaking of superheroes... the symbol wallpapers are something I started doing back in May 2003, long before I joined deviantART. At first I was doing them to get some practice in using Paint Shop Pro's vector tools. I was a member of a Heroclix forum at the time, and started sharing them there to see what others thought. Eventually, a comic book forum split off from there, and I and the wallpapers went with that site. When that site in turn shut down, I started uploading them to deviantART. This took a while initially, as I had already created a few hundred at the time (today's count: 423). Why hadn't I uploaded them before? Well, they were originally intended just as a learning process and a treat for my friends on those forums. But when the forums closed, I didn't want their availability to completely disappear -- or rather, to disappear from legitimate sources. Forums are public, after all, and some of the hit-and-run members had grabbed the wallpapers and uploaded them elsewhere. I decided that if the stuff was out there anyway, I might as well have them in a central location so that people who respect the idea of getting something from the person who made it could actually do so. (I also began adding subtle, generally-invisible watermarks to the images. I don't think it'll stop the thievery, but it at least provides something to point at on the occasion that something is improperly uploaded to a place that actually cares about such.)

The wallpapers have been one of the most popular sections of my gallery, at least in terms of people adding them to their favorites. They also tend to spawn a lot of requests and questions, which is why I wound up writing an FAQ on them earlier this year. I still enjoy creating the wallpapers, but I tend to do less of them now for a few reasons. One is that, having done over 400, there are naturally fewer ideas of interest out there than there used to be -- and despite taking requests, I still operate on a basis of what interests me first. The other major reason is that although I enjoy doing them, and I appreciate the faves and comments from folks, I don't want these to completely dominate my newer submissions. At 400+, they're always going to be a massive section of my gallery, but I don't want my 3D images getting completely lost in the shuffle. Still, they're a good way to "keep my hand in" if other projects and responsibilities prevent me from doing much art for a period of time.

Doctor Fella and Mista Hyde by MorganRLewis Serene by MorganRLewis Chronomancer by MorganRLewis

And that, after probably far too many words, is my dA story. If you've wondered why my gallery page is such a hodgepodge, this hopefully gives some idea as to why.
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