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July 19, 2012
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Chuck Nerd Herd Symbol WP by MorganRLewis Chuck Nerd Herd Symbol WP by MorganRLewis
As the fourth season of Chuck ended, it occurred to me that although I had been creating wallpapers since before the show began, I had yet to create any for the show. Since it was one of my favorite shows (despite the rockiness of the final few seasons), I decided to remedy this with a couple wallpapers based on the Nerd Herd logo: one with the full text, and one with just the center symbol. This one is for people who want to make a more subtle commentary about their job on their work computer. I created both wallpapers in April 2011.

Chuck, Nerd Herd, Buy More, and all associated symbols are the creations and property of Fake Empire Productions.

This wallpaper was created entirely in Paint Shop Pro.

The zip file contains wallpapers in 1280x1024, 1366x768 and 1920x1200 resolutions.

------RULES FOR USE:------
Please don't upload these elsewhere without permission. I know people will anyway, but I hope most will be respectful.

You may use these in your own images provided you make significant changes (not just a color swap), aren't just doing something I'm likely to do (such as neon versions in my style), and provide credit and a link back to the image page.
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